breathe . flow . shine .


b r e a t h e

Our breath is our physical lifeline, it allows us to exist. When we connect to our breath, we find our inner strength and personal peace. Yoga teaches us to use our breath in a purposeful, mindful manner. Learning to breathe effectively in physical activity and to breathe deep when emotions run high are invaluable tools. Breath work stimulates the brain, calms the nervous system and strengthens and expands the lungs, resulting in better focus, higher stamina and more effective oxygenation.


f l o w

Integrating the body and mind through movement and breath, yoga strengthens muscles as well as our ability to focus. Practicing the flow of yoga can enhance athletic performance and improve overall health and wellbeing.


s h i n e

With a strong connection to our inner light, we can effectively go forth and shine, using our gifts to better the world around us. Yoga brings to light our body’s physical capabilities and spiritual connection with others, empowering us to use both in a mindful manor . We all have a light burning and ready to be shared, yoga gives us the tools to ignite and shine that light.